hihi! my name is kel and this is my webpage!


4/06/22 - added guestbook! 4/05/22 - relinked images 4/04/22 - added chatbox. say hi! 4/03/22 - added view count 4/02/22 - added about me page 4/01/22 - added menu
3/31/22 - added spaceman!
3/30/22 - added updates :)
3/29/22 - realized coding sucks
3/28/22 - hello world!

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hello! welcome to my little slice of the internet! i started this website on march 28th, 2022, and this is just a little passion project to keep me occupied lol

this is very much so a wip, so if things seem a bit wonky i apologize! i really enjoy the vibes of personal websites and its been a little while since i worked with html/css so i thought this would be a fun way to experience the best of both worlds :)

right now theres a lot left to do on here. im always tinkering around and adding new stuff so feel free to check every so often to see how ive progressed ! hoping to work on the about page next ?

also, if you need to contact me for any reason, you can find me on tumblr at courtroomdrama where you can send me an ask without having to sign in; feel free to check that out!

to do list:

- about page

- pages for interests ?

- sob !

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hi marth ily dearly
beloved friend who lets me ramble abt html :)

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